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happy birthday to my soulmate. the first moment i met u we both knew we would be in each others lives forever. we truly are the same person somehow connected. i can’t even begin to think of all the hours we’ve spent on facetime telling each other the craziest stories. when i laugh u laugh. when i cry u cry. i love u as much as i love myself, and that a lot. thank u for picking me up from my lowest points and always reminding me i’m the baddest bitch, bitch. mahalo nui loa xoxo


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@rehaugh let’s do a photo shoot like this


You two are amazing 🔥

Some good looking people in this pic. 😍😍😍


Lucifer & eve


I really love this picture it shows both you real beauty deep!♥️♥️♥️🙏✨






My moms birthday is July 31



Sweet ❤️


Who in photo


Wait aren’t you besties


Wow I’ve never seen a better couples photo in my life 🥺😳🤯


Are you no longer besties with @bretmanrock?!!?


Are they bestfriends or a couple?


@undeniablyjo she’s bff with the Bret guy you followed back then that danced on the pole