Loren Bunner @lorendaniel

Because this is how you take a picture. She's got me watching the cheetah girls and yeah.


  • jolee sensei





@n.vb030 um ew no they weren’t


@coledunman tf how did you not know that?!


Dude this Is so fucked up


@buckythepuss1sl4yer 40 ft may not kill you.. but a bullet to the head sure will


@n.vb030 he killed her


@buckythepuss1sl4yer she also got shot


Also why in the fuck did I find this in my for you feed?


@n.vb030 he ended up killing her.


jump off a clifffff


@coledunman he’s saying “tie the noose” meaning he’s telling the guy to kill him self already :)


@bradschappell I don’t know what you meant by “tie the noose” but you know he literally murdered that girl days after, right?


@el_vi_britannia more about how he was afraid to jump


@alisa6506 I was thinking that also


@buckythepuss1sl4yer yeah but u sure do die when you’re shot in between the eyes and in the back of the head!!!


Tie the noose already


You shoulda killed yourself


@psytheduck she was also shot in the head you 🦆


@psytheduck are you retarded?


@el_vi_britannia the cliff was just 40 feet. Nobody dies while falling from that.


@_sophiitaylox are u serious?? He shot her 2 times in the head, one time in the back, then between the eyes and pushed her off the cliff. Tell me more how he was afraid to jump plz xDD


Guys, I'm not defending this man.. really... But I believe two things; Yeah, one, he may have killed her cold-heartedly. Or two, he is telling the truth - this was a suicide pact, and he was just too scared to kill himself.


Asshole! Spend your life to thinking what you do with her.




She actually looks very tense and uncomfortable.




You fucking cunt, I hope you rot in jail you twat. Taking somebody's life like that is sickening. I hope people in jail heard about you and torture you😡


Devil in human form. I hope you burn in hell and get shown no remorse you twisted fuck. Scum.


No comments hmm weird... Die you foul monster