Loren Bunner @lorendaniel

Taking Kiba on a hike tomorrow, so I guess things are looking up.



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To Loren's family or loved ones who may be reading this: He is absolutely disgusting, and evil, and deserves the worst things humanity is capable of bestowing upon him. There's nothing I wouldn't do to find exactly what would physically cause him the most pain. I'd enjoy taking my time to discover just what that is, and I'd take my time. I'd make sure he was awake, and I would not let him pass out from the pain, this would have to be accomplished by pumping him full of this and that, as naturally there is no way his body would keep consciousness after enduring the trauma I'd enflict. I just want you guys, his family, to know that I'm not alone. A lot of us would love nothing more than to cause immeasurable suffering to this fucking monster for what he did to that sweet girl and her dog. 52 years in prison isn't enough. I hope the inmates have caught wind of what he did, he naturally looks like a pussy so I'm sure they taken no issue with making the past several years absolute hell for him. RIP Jolee, I am so sorry this monster's parents brought him into this world. For that, I hope they never sleep soundly again.


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U a ugly bitch. Hope you’re getting some BBC in jail