msericadixon @msericadixon

When thirty FINE looks this good! Blessed to see another year and still living with no fear. #burfdaytrip #asEslays #libranation #ganggang



Fucken luv you😂




So natural😍😍😍


This must when u conceived the babies u was super gorg this day girlie


U still wit scrap @msericadixon


Dam 😋😋🍑👅


I wished you and scappy would've worked out. I like you and him together. That bamboo is annoying, she started off ok, but now she's boring af... and her son looks just like her annoying stuff, nothing like scappy. ...makes me even more annoyed 😂


Beutiful young lady


The natural way😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️




Just Beautiful❤️❤️




Lawd have mercy on me 😂😂


Alexa play cupid


Ms. 32 flavors......


Blessed 🌹


Nice pretty sexy toes and tattoos


When Beauty looks this good Atlanta's finest you stay dropping💣💣💣 on them beautiful fine sexy gorgeous😘👙❤️ @msericadixon

Gud Lawd😋💪😋🌹💎👑💎🌹