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Photo of @dalmatadeaf Thor (@dalmatadeaf) is a two-year-old deaf Dalmatian. The discovery of his hearing deficiency was soon after two months, when he arrived at the house of Camila Zamboni, from Vitória, Espírito Santo. "Beside him all the stages are special, every day is a new learning. We use our own sign language for every move I want it to make, "he says. One of the favorite places to take Thor is the beach: "I love to see him when he arrives on the sand and start barking to get loose and run to the water," describes Camila. "His routine is normal, like that of other dogs. I only pay close attention to letting him go somewhere open, because he likes to play or run after some little bird. So the training is essential, he knows he has to come back always, "he says. #instagweb #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dog