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Photo of @a_bookaholic "For me, reading is an exercise in empathy without equal. When we read a book we dive into the minds of the characters, the feelings are described word for word. This puts us entirely in their place and enables us to experience situations we would never have imagined. So I do not value the value of a work based on how many prizes it has won or whether the book has become a classic, "explains Patricia Iurkiv (@a_bookaholic), 24. A resident of the bucolic Bela Vista do Toldo, in the north of Santa Catarina, she spends most of the nights and weekends devouring pages and more pages. One of his favorite titles is "The Librarian of Auschwitz", by Antonio G. Iturbe. "It's based on a true story that happened inside a concentration camp during World War II. This book is not just about an account of survival, but about keeping humanity alive in the midst of chaos. " #instagweb #2018bestnine #bestnine2018 #dogs #girls #beauty #dog #dogsofinstagram #bookstagram #book