Nick Diaz @nickdiaz209

Nick Diaz @nickdiaz209


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    Chris Reilly



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Great guy @jim_viper


You still have a great smile =)


@ndfyuhhgyij if @twooodley would man up and go TOE to TOE with @nickdiaz209 DIAZ would put hands on him like he did BJ PENN @bjpenn75 the only dude who was man enough and stand and trade with the man!!! #WARDIAZ209 all day!!! 💯💯💯


@freeasabyrd87 stfu there is no god


Did u bang her


Fuck them and fuck what they gotta say .


@john_hitchner real nice


@tornadotacosloth fkng fact 💯


Старый пердун 😂


Далбаеб ёбнутый


bad girl


Mather Fuc Nickdiaz


God bless you and trust in God He has your back God loves you and. John 3;16-19tells THE greatest love story between God and you and why we should trust in God


Crack head buddy’s


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@nickdiaz209 Will you also be at the Fit Expo 2019 in L.A on sunday too??...


Lovely girl


Fight @twooodley


If you don’t step in the octagon in 2019 I will track you down and personally fucking slap you.



@siu920163 yes that's it for sure it's not your broken English comments that make no sense


@__gclark__ you're too young to understand.


@siu920163 your completely wrong I can tell by looking at you your an airhead fear isn't a bad thing it's not bad to always be alert. Why even comment you just look really stupid telling a grown man stuff he can't do like his mom or someshit shut up for real


Come back and fight motherfucker


nice ;-)


@imanuel_1993 @nickdiaz209 alcohol in principle do not drink - this event is devoid of logic, as well as smoking and drugs. The severity depends on how long you've been using marijuana. Yes, Nick? Insomnia may not appear on an empty place.


Luigi buffon


@siu920163 it’s not for everyone if you can’t hang go drink vodka or don’t I don’t care not my problem. It’s not meth or LSD. What you described sounds like LSD or mushrooms not pot wtf


@siu920163 idk what you’re talking about usually it causes the opposite of hallucinations, makes me fall asleep, bouts of very appropriate happy laughter, elevated mood not fear. 2.5/10 for the effort


@imanuel_1993 @nickdiaz209 marijuana causes hallucinations, bouts of inappropriate laughter, fear, more and insomnia. The obvious "benefit". What else? Gentlemen, why are you doing this?


😢 Your going down so fast. Sad! Wasting your prime on shit selfies and fucking weird comments. U where my favorite fighter but that’s going away as fast as your fans are. Ready the comments, everyone is saying the same thing. Incredible talent waisted.


Its funny when peoole talk shit but nick would still dust each and every one of you


Nick you ever plan on fighting again bro? I get why you wouldnt but I'd love to see you tear some ass again.


@ivylevan 😘


I’m so happy I met Nick one day at Mandalay Bay at the elevator lobby. I didn’t wanna be annoying but couldn’t help myself he’s my favorite fighter, top 3 for sure. Walked up to him said hi and ended up kicking it with him in my room and his room. He stayed up all night and ran out of weed and I had some left, so I smoked him out. It was legendary and I was honored to do so. Been my Facebook profile for a while 😆 he’s literally the nicest person ever you have no idea, nothing like the media portrays him as


Can’t wait to see you fight again 🙌


ur a straight up g nick!


Legend 💪 one bad ass sob 💪




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