Allen Iverson @theofficialai3

Allen Iverson @theofficialai3

Family!!! 📸: @asubers



Is that Lil uzi


Robert Kraft with the drip


@tuckjb uh....he’s a Trump supporter.


Sick kraft be dripping for real 😂🤦🏽‍♂️


@juuliankral @owen.landefeld kraft knows what’s good with the fit


Uzi like 5,3


Wait is that A,I??




Hi lil uzi Allen


Kraft in the comme 👀


CDG Kraft 👀🔥


Mr.Kraft is half hood⭐


Mr Kraft with the CDG


Son teeth fucked up🎥


@callmejamesjr 😂😂😂


Mr Kraft from the hood


Uzi so cute


Mr kraft thinking like' is this is what it's like to be in a rap video??? By the way who's the two black guys meeks friends????


Somebody getting fucked for that music money


@franciscoagarciam everything is weird to you dumbed down kids


@maccwavyyy Carmo de garson jesus




Robert Kraft swaggin' lol


Kraft is still a Trump supporter






Mr Robert Kraft is Dope af


@malekhamad5 that’s 🤒


I’m trying so hard to find one😭💯 @evykynnn peep my insta profile pic


@malekhamad5 wallah


Wallah if he took a pic wit lil uzi that’s the best pic in the world @evykynnn


@1yungmars and how old and how tall are you I literally just turned 15 December 18


@1yungmars I’m not 5’7 idiot I was saying as long as you’re 5’7 you aren’t short and I know one inch makes no difference but being 5’8 isn’t bad to be because everyone around me like one to two inches higher than me


@black_master_bb na u short bro 😭




Kraft got that drip


@frankknight7 kraft look lik them stick em up boys




Robert Kraft gotta have a twin, he everywhere