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Lauren London @laurenlondon

Friday. Feb 15 #newnipseyhussle













Awhhh schnap


@affy_c 😍😂❤️


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Please guys follow Queen Nicky Nicole


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@j_u_i_c_y well no surprise here. 2pac never won a Grammy so don't even trip. It's all good tho. I ain't even mad but he still won in his hood regardless


@karl.nunn @_zayzay_80 🔥


Love y'all love💯


Was in the only one to start singing "checc me out" lol


Folks don't recognize real rap even when it's in their face. West Coast artist ALWAYS spit the real shit and put folks up on game at the same damn time....oh don't forget there's a bomb beat to go with it! But it's a shame these artist talking bout material sh** and f*ccin' females and have a so called "tight beat" actually win awards! I'm a Cali Girl, livin' n Atl right now but I ALWAYS rep home! Much Luv @nipseyhussle keep doing your thing, as you can see if you didn't already know you have a lot of fans out here. You are a real rap artist & that's what's missing in hip hop. And lastly but not are blessed to have @laurenlondon by your side👑...a real one! You winning man in all aspects. #blessed💯 #salute💯 #realrapartist💯 #caligirl #909 #rialto #californialuv #westcoast





On my birthday yasssss!! Can’t wait‼️‼️♥️ got robbed for best album of the year! #Grammies #WeKnowTheGame #WeWoke ✊🏽


Shout out to Cardi B but #🏁 is still the best rap album of the year! Big fax 📠 💯




Can I have a trillion


Can I have a trillion


He was robbed of that Grammy


This collab. 👌🏽🔥




I like the puma fit!!!


His braids on point 🔥










Will be supporting. Please post again for us on the go mothers who purchase at first glance.


I can’t wait 😩


I’m all ears !


Shout out to cardi she up for real but victory lap was my album of the year 🤷🏽‍♂️ I mean no hate at all cardi is amazing but nip did the work to


Checc me out


I Want To Hear That Song This Friday 🔥🔥