Simeon Panda® @simeonpanda

Simeon Panda® @simeonpanda

Have you tried Narrow Stance Squats? 😳 Tag friends to try this with 🤜🏾🤛🏼 A great way to target the sweep of your quads 👌🏾⁣⁣
⚠️ Not everyone will initially have the range of motion and/or balance to perform this exercise, if you do try it, be sure to attempt it without weight or with just the bar to get the technique right. ⁣⁣
🎥 You can watch the full YouTube the first two clips are taken from on my YouTube channel ⁣⁣⁣
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📲 Download my full routines at SIMEONPANDA.COM⁣⁣
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@simeonpanda brother. This is certainly a quad dominant movement, as you said. But saying this ‘targets’ the lateralis over the other 3 is fictitious. The knee is a primarily a hinge joint. All 4 muscles function to extend the knee. To claim this movement places the body into a position that somehow pushes the lateralis to dominate the movement is simply untrue. Overall, if you want big quads, you should do this, but it just won’t isolate 1 of the quads specifically. Stay big. Cheers 🤙🏼


Outstanding variation 👌






@byronlrz para el dia de pata mirá


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Bro im trying hard to get my squats like urs. I’m in the 24hr Vauxhall Gym Group now studying ur squat videos. Im mad jealous that I can’t squat good. Lol keep these videos coming bro. They’re a big help


@trendyaq dawwwwwwwwg👽


My knees already hurt


Narrow stance for squats have to be painful 😣


@clay_fernando pés colados... curti o movimento!


@douglaskyt 💪🏻





@simeonpanda nice technique and will be ordering some of your knee/leg wraps soon ; what shoes are you rocking bro ?


@eyeslow_22 you ain’t never tried narrow stances squats bro? Wtf you been????




The amount of dorsiflexion he has is insane @clarencekennedy_


I need this song though. It's awesome


Well get our team to try this.. great profile and great posts... do restaurants not wash their chicken🤔 #goodwork

@neshant31 nächstes mal squats machen wir so


Ankle mobility goals


Which are helpfull ? full squads or half squads, sir simeonpanda


@simeonpanda for this exercise, you recommend starting light weight then working your way to heavier weight? Suggestions for improving knee health?


Yoooo I wanna try these @c_wynn11 @sp00kygraves @hiersjr @hzb_koukis14


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I got the depth on the smith machine go check it out


you are the best!! 😄👏👏 @simeonpanda


Impressive Simeon.




Your a beast


@j_haemmerle_96 Müssama mol macha 😏


@nathan._.perry gotta have great ankle mobility. Not a bad variation though




So stupid squad u will lose ur knees soon baby


RIP your knees



U tooo March