The NBL @nbl

The NBL @nbl

Breaking (ankles). Bryce Cotton's savage crossover has landed at number 4⃣ in @sportscenter’s🔝🔟 #NBL19


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    Perth Wildcats



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  • Bryce Cotton

    Bryce Cotton







@elijeffreys we carry the country you asshat


@elijeffreys let’s see what @b_cotton11 thinks


@ethan_lloyd5 ahahah


@elijeffreys how does randles whole taste even he knows he got snapped


@elijeffreys ?


@ethan_lloyd5 I have another angle and it will change your mind


@ethan_lloyd5 dm


@elijeffreys he didn’t TRY to do that He did that no push off anywhere in sight, r u sure we are watching the same play??


@ethan_lloyd5 Ethan u r wrong.. his ankles didn’t break they got... pushed by Bryce Cotten extending his arm to try get an ankle breaker highlight on the best ball handler in the league


@kade03harman @elijeffreys Kade u r wrong his ankle didn’t break they Fucking Snapped


@elijeffreys I'd hate to lve in Sydney to where the only thing their sport clubs can win is the NRL which is basically all sydney teams


@holdaways straight up murdered him


@kade03harman it’s a push so it’s not an ankle breaker... nothing more too it


@elijeffreys did his ankles break? Yep nothing more too it


He was number 1 on #bananapeelsfiles


@dylan_ingleby but it’s definitely not an ankle breaker




@elijeffreys could be considered an offensive foul, could be considered a flop. Good no call




@sebmcardle 😮😮


@gracejkennedy I’d hate to live in Perth too


@elijeffreys there’s nothing to admit 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣


@gracejkennedy you’re from perth... of course you ain’t going to admit it


@elijeffreys I ain’t blind, there’s no offensive foul. Take the L 😅💀


@elijeffreys salty


@gracejkennedy u blind? He extends his arm and gives him a stiff arm




@reshmo187 #4 come on it's worth more than a 4






@elijeffreys Bryce barely touched him 😂


@elijeffreys angry Sydney fan


Yep, well deserved this was unreal 👀🔥


IT WAS A PUSH OMFG... stop hyping up an offensive foul 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️