Cardi B @iamcardib

Cardi B @iamcardib

After a week of only saying papa !She saying mama! Happy 7 months Kulture ! We love you @offsetyrn @hennessycarolina @melo9.11



omg how cute


@deemac42 I’m calm didn’t know you was laughing at my replies at first. 😇






Awe I seen tears in your eyes that made me cry to shit I can wait to have my first baby one day 😭😭😭




She blockin out her baby’s face like we wake up everyday hoping to get a glimpse. 😂


Such a beautiful moment. People who are pressed about her not showing her baby face anymore or weird. She clearly has her reasons and doesn't owe us strangers an explanation on how she handles things regarding her child lol. Why are y'all so invested in these celebrities lives.... and then so negative on top of that. Lol smh.




What's the big deal. Why these celebrities always acting funny about showing their baby's face..... are they ugly? I'm asking for a friend!!!!👀👀👀👀😂😂😂😂


❤️❤️😍😍 You go girl!! Love your fighter spirit! God bless in love and all the success! ❤️❤️




That’s so adorable


@lelaespinal 😭😭😭




@wheww_chileee good for her honestly


@charlottewarn I think she doesn’t want her baby exposed to the press, she has posted 2 pictures of her


Damn why u stay hideingyo baby face she not ugly or nun


So sweet


@swisher_era climes down it wasn't a joke I'm team cardi all the way .I like how you hard for her😉😉


Awwwww that is so cute


Wow le visage de cardi emu j'adore sooo cute




@iamcardib Do you speak Spanish to her?


Soo cute.....


@yavettepinder ik you can show her face like at this point idc bout her baby we on to queen baby and I know queen not waiting till she 1 years old to the point we don’t care like it will be nothing wrong with two months like why y’all hiding y’all baby like is they ugly I know queen not I’m just worried about cardi why you hiding her is she ugly queen probably gonna show when cj come back February 17 not even one month yet but cardi had to do the most and show the baby at 5 months then keep hiding her face the hell wrong with y’all celebrities unless yall baby ugly show they damn face and idgaf bout what y’all gotta say if you do got something to say dm me


@erickt111 😑😑😑 voy por el mismo camino, lee el caption 🤨


@iamjessenia what kind of abuse to where you can’t have a baby?


My baby took damn there 2 years I was like oh so i dont exist i see


@deemac42 i missed the joke


@malikamalisia just scrolling so please don’t think I’m weird lol, how do you pronounce your name if you don’t mind me asking


@beauutayfulll_ this baby talking at 7 months




So amazing


@swisher_era 😂😂😂😂😂


Your level love u u inspire me and u always keep it 💯


Why does she never show her face??




Love u dont let people bring u down your awesome there just mad because they can never get on hp