Nick Diaz @nickdiaz209

Nick Diaz @nickdiaz209



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Ninja team✊


Ma idol @nickdiaz209 🏆


Can I for the love of god please bust down on fat bowl of the best herb with you man 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


LoL these baguttes bashing on Nick.




😎😎 ninja shit


LOL, what a looser


Wow u look like shit


Nick ain't fighting cause Nick cant fight




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@oilerguy69 lol


@stevensonhall69 yeah sorry dude that every casual says "Who tf is this guy?" Nowadays you can't recognize if it's a joke or just a casual Fan when he sees Ben Askren or whatever


@jasonswiiiftwolfe lmfao 😂😊🤣




@stefanrakic_mma I’m being a smart ass so you take a joke fuck head




You can’t fight bro stop


Man looking like a vampire with black eyes 🧛‍♂️ lay off the source Nickolas




@jackyhorror he’s gonna chill,smoke and party




Take a fight lol


@porting_solutions yea he always does act little weird when looses decisions but that’s cause he s not a point fighter he’s a fighter fighter wants to fight be engaged whole time get beat up and beat people up!! But that Silva nick fight no one dominated I mean Silva landing ten more punches for ten more points on cards isn’t really winning a fight definantly not beating someone up but it’s a sport and that’s how Floyd s was won so many uses to his advantage and plays the game right but that’s why I do t like boxing anymore!and b t w Silva’s considered one of the best ever and he’s got as many losses as nick on his record


@seth.christian__ I don’t think he drinks much but he’s a all day every day pot smoker him and his brother are and have been most there career s but still have sme of best cardio. They do triathlons all the time but yea nicks just smoking gonjja chillin in Vegas hanging out w lots of hot chicks livin the celeb life




Figth Silva again #DiazvSilva2


Stay retired Mr. Hater of all your opponents. You are in the grandpa section now.





..., help yourself, please, ...


Com eat me bro


@getupits5am who cares


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I would but I don’t wanna hurt nobody, I just wanna party


@theonlythomasjohnson and cocaine.




Hey you moron fight somebody


Did someone break his nose recently? Wud I miss?