Nick Diaz @nickdiaz209

Nick Diaz @nickdiaz209






Take a fight lol


@porting_solutions yea he always does act little weird when looses decisions but that’s cause he s not a point fighter he’s a fighter fighter wants to fight be engaged whole time get beat up and beat people up!! But that Silva nick fight no one dominated I mean Silva landing ten more punches for ten more points on cards isn’t really winning a fight definantly not beating someone up but it’s a sport and that’s how Floyd s was won so many uses to his advantage and plays the game right but that’s why I do t like boxing anymore!and b t w Silva’s considered one of the best ever and he’s got as many losses as nick on his record


@seth.christian__ I don’t think he drinks much but he’s a all day every day pot smoker him and his brother are and have been most there career s but still have sme of best cardio. They do triathlons all the time but yea nicks just smoking gonjja chillin in Vegas hanging out w lots of hot chicks livin the celeb life




Figth Silva again #DiazvSilva2


Stay retired Mr. Hater of all your opponents. You are in the grandpa section now.





..., help yourself, please, ...


Com eat me bro


@getupits5am who cares


Sup fight fans! Check out my last post on my page! Loove the support 💯


I would but I don’t wanna hurt nobody, I just wanna party


@theonlythomasjohnson and cocaine.




Hey you moron fight somebody


Did someone break his nose recently? Wud I miss?


@jpbrett5252 perhaps your just misreading the message...


@josesw3rvo No. I’m just stating the obvious.


@tuahavanaincorperated Your grammar is too poor to understand what you are trying to say.


@jpbrett5252 does it make you mad that hes trying to enjoy his life? even if he is thats his business and not yours


Lost a fan


much respect...true fucking warrior right there.


@jpbrett5252 I wish that's all he had to fight to stop cling ons like u posting Shi on his feed....but hey what's a Gentleman to do when haters Gona hate?...





Lit dude




So gay


@porting_solutions ummm yes, it was a no contest.




Bro whoop Anderson Silva again




Hope everything is going well for you 💪💪❤️


Nick has his sico all chueco la verga!! That’s that good cocaine son. @_amadorpuente @lennymejia47 @


Hey @nickdiaz209 remember "Torres" from the show New York Undercover? #ifyouknowyouknow


You ain’t come at anybody in like 6 years. Stfu.


Nick (and Nate) Diaz worked hard for his skills, for his life, for the freedom to be who he is. As far as I'm concerned he is the ultimate example of American value. And what is possible with back-breaking work combined with personal smarts and uncommon toughness. These boys have earned MMA's respect. American heros.


Tell me why it looks like your hugging the pole