Harper's Bazaar UK @bazaaruk

Harper's Bazaar UK @bazaaruk

When you want attention, but also need personal space 🎀 #CardiB wore a dramatic vintage @muglerofficial dress to this year’s #Grammys #thierrymugler More via link in bio.



😂🤩 @blottarkatten








@stearoz it’s a copy of thiery muglar who is a designer who made this consume years ago to promote his perfume which btw is amazing


She should worry more about stringing sentences together. She should go back to school... smh


So ridiculous


@charlottejenko I’m going to get a dress like this for our next night out 🤣🤣


@claire_louise_200 fried 🙈😂


I’m still not over this. Her stylist is a genius 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💕


Oh no




@alexandrahristov 🤨




Woow. She looks amazing


Cardi is the best lol💖




Not a fan of this


Oh Lord above.




@sheida.iskabelka 🤣


@armina90s این گوزا خوب تو امریکا معرف میشن.. بیا گوز شیم 😂


@armina90s واسه همون‌گفتم😂


@sheida.iskabelka 🤣😂rikhtesham yejure engar an boo karde




@armina90s aaannaamo boo kon😂




@sheida.iskabelka she looks ridiculous, oon yaroo chi mige shabihe padohast na shohar




@natashadeshmukh the right arm 😂😂😂


😍She looked beautiful


@itsmeelayda the belly button 😂😭


On goddddd🔥


@natashadeshmukh 😂😂 fully dressed like an oyster 😂💖


@alesacil8 ma noooo! È in testa sua 😂😂😂😂😂


Un élève qui revient au collège après un conseil de dis ou il n’a pas été exclu @cdschs @pierrepolie




@blair_sara think we would need to use the disabled loo. Couldn't get in a single cubicle with that on!😄