Carrie Bears @carriebears99

Received this sweet message today. It filled my heart❣️
“This is one of 16 bears I had made for my family when my son passed from a work related accident. The anniversary of his death is March 2. 17 years ago..... all of my family STILL love their bears and hug them in remembrance. Thank you for your talents so that we could have these keepsakes!😘”
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That is my sister’s bear! We all have one and most are posted today on Facebook as we remember this day that changed our lives 17 years ago. They are our most cherished physical memory of Todd! Thank you for your talents in making these bears...they are a blessing and comfort to us. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ (wish I could post my Carrie Bear!)


That’s so sweet! ❤️