Loni Love @comiclonilove

Loni Love @comiclonilove

Fans called Marvel out for leaving Danai Gurira’s name off the poster for the new "Avengers" movie. She is the only black actress on the poster and the only actor there whose name was not featured. Marvel fixed it... #simple ( swipe)



wow I probably really won't watch that.. I don't care if they fixed it. she will get paid and I just won't watch that one I'm good.😕


I see another black person up there btw


Jesus everything is a problem


Also, the only two black actors, there are very small and in the periphery.......... while all white ones are big and centered.....


Just look how small they out the black people


@comiclonilove I didn’t even think about this until people brought it up power of social media




It probably was the same reason they took the black guy off the star wars one 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @comiclonilove until fans complained


It wasn’t a mistake, they never put Black Widow on the Original Avengers poster. Just glad it was fixed.


We know Hollywood has done this for years I don’t know people are shocked🤷🏽‍♀️? It’s wrong they know it and don’t care until you make them do the right thing!


Never did they say #wakandaforever LMFAOOOOO


@whoyahh nahhhh, if Nebula made it on the credits, best believe Michonne should be on there!


Where's @samuelljackson???


Loni can u guys talk about what happened in new Zeeland ?


It's fixed, let It be. Let it be. Beating more than a dead horse.


Love it!


I think it was a mistake but with the money marvel makes it shouldn’t be hard to double even triple check.


The things the internet is doing for equality 👍🏾


Someone had one ☝🏽 job!! Glad they figured it out, but this is a prefect example of when one voice does make a difference


I am glad they fixed it. Mistakes happen. I hope it wasn’t intentional, and don’t believe it was on purpose. Curious what your thoughts are, @comiclonilove ? 💜


Maybe they ran out of room to place her name lol jk seriously tho why her name was let out, out of everyone else’s


So Don Cheadle ain’t black now?