Skip Bayless @skipbayless

Skip Bayless @skipbayless

I can’t lose in these shoes. MJ FOREVER.





He lost in those










I saw Spider Man Miles walk on walls with those!




is that a golden globe in the back?


Wears @the.plug416


Mj lost plenty of times in those shoes


@scottshans yo guy


U got the Chicago 1s 😳 🔥


They need to bring the Chicago ones back before the end of this year


MJ forever just shows you're biased against @kingjames negating most of your arguments on sports television, it's like a character on a tv show, we get it. #grainofsalt #roleplay


Your boi @kobebryant admitted to calling up Dirk for help when he was a free agent @skipbayless but if @kingjames 👑 needs help against #NBA #superteams your head credibility bruh😂


SuperBowlZzzzzaaaa 😂😂😂😂 @shannonsharpe84 I just cried 😂😂😂😂😂




Skip be clean




Skip Bayless is the GOAT


U can’t believe all the shit u say about @kingjames Cuz I sure Don’t smh


Love you Skip & Big Shannon! But on LBJ vs. MJ. Everyone knows he started his numbers 3 yrs younger than MJ. Past his scoring recs by year 16. MJ aged/retired many times in between. Lastly MJ didn’t have to play as many games because he closed. LBJ is a stat puffer not a closer. Great Yes, but no MJ! #23


Moron bayless hahaha