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The New York Times @nytimes

Da’Shona Martin, 18, has had to leave school early to go to work to help support her household. She plans to attend @cau1988, but in the wake of America's largest college admission scandal, she’s discouraged to see that some elite parents bought their children's way into college. “Some of us will probably have to work our whole lifetime to see money like this,” she said. Federal prosecutors charged 50 people on Tuesday in a scheme to buy spots in the freshman classes at @uscedu, @yale, @stanford and other big-name schools. The case underscored the racial and economic disparities that plague access to higher education. With an expansive network of pricey college preparation courses and counselors at their disposal, wealthy students find themselves with a leg up in the increasingly cutthroat competition for the limited slots at the most prestigious universities. @katiecurrid shot this photo of Da’Shona. Visit the link in our profile to read more from #nytimes correspondents @johneligon and @audraburch.



Oh, and Da'Shona. The importance of college education is so overrated in this country. My whole generation in US is in debt and jobless. Reading lots of books and learning a skill will take you so much further in life. Plus, US has one of the worst quality of education in the world! So even if you spend your money on some fancy college, you still would be stupid in some "third world country".


It's so funny to me that people act so shocked over it. What do you expect?! It always has been that way and it's always going to be that way. People (including Da'Shona) are not against corruption... They just want to participate in it a bit more. Any altruistic idea is based on a notion that people are decent. But it's not the case with our species, is it... And as usual, US totally ignores the root of the problem... Just another opportunity for some politician to push their agenda through 🙄🙄🙄


@marieelizabethwalk Amen sister but paying bribes? That is no way to teach a child to be honest with others and be their best. College is a must, graduating is a must but that is by no means the end of the story I have recently left teaching and lecturing to step out on a different career path something I could not have done without a rounded education, peace out ✌


@sam_accessories1968. AMEN. I have 2 daughter's who I started telling them at a very young age that WHEN ( NOT IF) they graduate from HS they MUST GO TO COLLEGE. BEI


@lajarox Always. They are the wolves dressed as sheep in front of the media and political figures.


@patrick12405 ...and they all present to the contrary...


@patrick12405 No doubt, there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around, but THIS type of thing is about money. This type of thing has been going on forever among some with money, conservative and liberal doubt


@lajarox Not puzzling when you do open your mind and see the phony hypocrisy that exists around you everyday.


@patrick12405 ...expand ur realm of thought...


@patrick12405 ...I had to read this again after reading your comment. I was looking to see if there was ANY reference to political or ideological affiliation...I found none. I am puzzled by your comment, this is so not about being liberal or conservative, this is so much more than that...


The main barrier to higher education is not a dozen parents buying spots for their kids. It's that it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in the US when it's free in every other country. Keep your eye on the ball nyt.




@yadiirahz agreed!


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@lynne.butternut Nope. I am consistent. I kick them while they are up too. I just know how phony they are.


@_space.kate_ I can be down with that.


@chuckgotwood Yes. They are in fact.




@patrick12405 kick em while they're down, that your game Patrick 12405?


@rita.kasiaa não tem muita novidade não é mesmo? O bom que agora estão falando sobre isso


Hey, you know what, Da’Shona? There are plenty of great colleges and universities out there that want students like you who have: the desire to learn! You get out of college what you put in- and if you work hard, participate and pay attention, you will come out with an education, with confidence in yourself, the ability to think and to create a path for yourself. Best wishes and don’t give up!


Da’Shona keep working hard. Know you earned every ounce of what you get. It will be hard but worth it because America needs your generation to steer the ship soon. And the people who are handed things won’t be much help. This scandal is incredibly unfair to people in your position but I trust people with your determination any day over someone just handed something.


What a shame!!


Well glad my child used her own strengths to get into Berkeley my future astronaut ❤️


@denn_ice this is everywhere


@patrick12405 I think neoliberal is the word your're looking for, dude.


@patrick12405 Jared Kushner's parents paid 2.5 million for him to get into school. They are liberals as well?


@ray.zb infelizmente o sistema privado das universidades americanas encoraja isso. São doações enormes e claro, ninguém doa nada sem esperar receber algo em troca ...

@patrick12405 liberal or conservative elite. Doesn’t matter, and that is not the issue.

How pathetic and unqualified do you have to be to fake photos and have your parents pay $500,000 to get you a spot? When you already have every advantage?Whose spot did you take? Do you or your parents really care? No, you do not. I saw the clip of Olivia Jade stating she doesn’t know how much she will actually attend school, what kind of parent would pay to get her in? Think she has the determination to finish? Not a chance. Hope the students are expelled for academic fraud.


Why are you all so fat?




@patrick12405 Then would you agree to an adjustment to terminology, since that name seems problematic? I propose "wealthy hypocrites." It's apolitical and more concise, I think.