National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic @natgeo

Photo by Lynsey Addario @lynseyaddario | A young Syrian boy, roughly three years old, hugs his mother as they wait to be transported after surrendering along with other women and children on the outskirts of Baghouz to Al-Hol camp in Hasaka Province. The boy was shot in the eye during fighting in Baghouz and was among many others who escaped wounded from the ongoing battle between U.S.- and coalition-backed Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) and ISIS. In the final days of the battle for Baghouz, mostly wives, children, and relatives of ISIS fighters are surrendering. The Syrian Democratic Forces claimed victory in late March over the last remaining sliver of land controlled by the brutal Islamic state in the town of Baghouz, as tens of thousands of the fighters’ family members surrendered through a human corridor set up by the SDF during the past six weeks under heavy bombardment and intense clashes. Women and children, most of whom continued to pledge their unwavering support of ISIS and some who were likely being used as human shields, had been living in tunnels and caves with limited food, medicine, and sanitation. A humanitarian crisis emerges as ISIS falls in northern Syria.





Son últimos "" los humanos ""


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Isıd tam olarak nedir? Neden natgeo ısıd taraftarı? Peki bu ısıd sizin ülkenizde olsa terörist olmaz mıydı? Fikirleriniz gerçekten özgürce değil.






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@styingclassy Women in Isis do not have the freedom to education or work. They are required to leave school at 15 and it is legal to be married as early as 9 years old. They must be veiled anytime they go out in public and cannot go out in public without being accompanied by a male family member. Many of them were kidnapped when their villages and communities were taken over by ISIS. The majority of these women have no or little say in their lot in life. Before making a snap judgment that these women should be persecuted (or did you mean prosecuted?) do some research. Learn about them. And then maybe next time you see a photo of a women holding a terrified child who was shot in the eye you will have compassion rather than condemnation for them.








Isis is american funded army u.s provide them shelter and now bombing on them as like now a days america do in afghanistan. america is true terrorist


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@androsil987 No None No sympathy. Live in the caves, stay there


They can stay in caves


تحمیل اعتقادات به دیگران داعش وداعشی بوجود اورده،که فرزندان به جای زندگی در کانون گرم خانواده در کمپ ها و کا نکس ها روزگا ر سپری میکند. ایا خداوند این راه را میخواد ، نه نه دوستی عشق ورزی ،محبت ها کو ، خشونت و ظلم و کشت وکشتار جهان را فرا گرفته ، جهان را دریا بید ،نسل های اینده را از قیدو بندها رها سازید ،وجهانی عاری ازجنگ را بسازید.....


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@jenaya_scott No you should be ashamed of calling these women victims, the victims are the women and children executed and sold into slavery by ISIS because they're not Muslim. These women are wives of ISIS they send their children to be soldiers to commit jihad. Those women could have left their husbands, they chose to stay, and still pledge allegiance to ISIS. To call these women victims is an insult to all victims everywhere, you underestimate the power and intellect of these women, they're not helpless victims as you so choose to believe, they're equally as guilty as their husbands, please don't forget these are brides of ISIS fighters you are speaking of. You obviously have no concept of their culture or the conflict in Syria, these women are obviously smarter than you because they fooled you into thinking they're victims of ISIS when in reality as I stated above women are very often bomb makers and do the sewing for suicide vests that they then force their children to wear. You don't understand the capacity of these people.








some day the world would be a better place for our children but first it starts with us what we can do to make that a reality






@n.c.l.s.b then what’s the point of arguing in the first place then?