Hoda Kotb @hodakotb

Hoda Kotb @hodakotb

Happy Monday xx





"Here is Hope" - by Rob Gardner. He who healed our sorrows, here was bruised and broken. He whose love no end knows, here was forsaken, left all alone. Here despair cries boldly, claiming this its victory. Sweeter peace enfolds me: hope did not die here, but here was given. Here is Hope. He who was rejected, he knows well my longing. He, so long expected, carried our burdens, bore every sorrow: Here is hope. Here is love unbounded. Here is all compassion, here is Mercy founded. Hope did not die here, but here was given. And ours is the victory. Here is Hope.


So incredibly happy for you and your family!!❤️


Happy gotcha day, Hope!!!😍😍😍


@claryrm thank you. I hope @hodakotb reads it. It’s such a special poem. ❤️❤️


Congratulations to you, your SO, and your newest member of your Family. Am sure she will bring much joy to you as her older sister does.


Blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️


... and you did 💞 congratulations🙏🏻 @hodakotb


Welldone 👏




@hodakotb My daughter's name is Hope. She literally saved my life...no exaggeration.


@wifeoffishermanbahamas i m praying for your recovery




Congratulations 🎉💕🙏🏽


Your beautiful baby’s name.


@bellaluna555..... I KNOW that ! You're not really following my statement. Hoda posted CHOOSE Hope.. the day BEFORE. Follow me?? 😁


Awww💕God chose “Hope” for you and chose You for little precious Hope!!! Happy tears!!💕💕


Twice now this month people named their baby Hope 😍


@babymamaover40 amen🙌🏼 Congratulations!!! 💕


Hoda, you bring us joy and give us hope. 💝 💗 💝 Blessings to your beautiful family.💕💕


As a 41 year old who just had a little girl, my heart is just so happy for you. You are never too old to give love to your little one. 💕


This is the best news!! ❤️ I teared up when I heard— like most of America I feel like I know you personally from watching you every day, so it felt so special! Thank you for your witness to life & to motherhood.


Passed a church sign today...”May you find hope this Easter”
You’ve found each other! How wonderful!!💞


Congratulations. A beautiful family


Congrats Hoda! So happy for you. ❤️❤️❤️


What a beautiful family!! 💛🧡💛🧡


Congratulations Hoda!! So happy for you and your family Joel, Haley Joy and Hope.


Congratulations on the new arrival, you are such a inspiration. 😍


Congratulations!!!!! ♥️🎀🧸


Congratulations, I’m so happy for y’all! Love watching you every morning!!!!


💯God gave you Hope congratulations!! ❤🙌!


Congratulations- so exciting to see your happiness continue to grow! ❤️💕


Congratulations Hoda!!! So happy for you! 💕 Haley is lucky to have a little sister. A little bundle of joy❤️


I’m crying!!!!!


I just want you to know how happy I am for you. I love that you are a mom of 2 !! You and I have same birth date and love ketchup and cheat at mini golf. You are a wonderful role model for so many💕💕❤️


Congratulations! All the photos this week bring so much joy and hope into the world! Little Hailey’s smile is as contagious as your own! I wish your lovely family happiness!


@hodakotb I love your positive energy. I try to be like you. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You have a beautiful family!


So happy for you Hoda, congrats!


so happy for you. As I was watching Hoda and Jena this morning I couldn't help but think of the song form the movie Unplanned sang by Matthew West called Unplanned. you have 2 beautiful stories and I am so thankful you have shared them with is. Please listen to that song.


Lucky baby. Congrats.