Hallmark Channel @hallmarkchannel

Hallmark Channel @hallmarkchannel

As a passionate chocolatier, Bryan @therealbrendan_penny knows a lot about crafting the perfect cocoa confections. Will he be able to teach under-cover boss Erin @fionagubelmann a thing or two about her own business? πŸ«πŸ’•
#EasterUnderWraps premieres this Saturday at 9pm/8c.



Happy Easter . I’m watching #easterunderwraps with #fionagubelmann #brendanpenny and #sophiareidgantzert ❀️❀️❀️❀️ great show ... I worked on it




@mdyrivera 6 for hs




Looking forward this movie!


Really enjoy your work.😊




I love him❀️ such a great actor.


Super excited to watchπŸ’–πŸ’–


Is that the only time it is coming on? @hallmarkchannel


Looking forward to watching this movie.


@hallmarkchannel Christmas at Candied Apple Cafe - Katherine Garbera, Christmas on Candy Lane - Sheila Roberts, The Mistletoe Secret - Richard Paul Evans, Christmas at Comfort Food Cafe - Debbie Johnson, Merry & Bright - Debbie Macomber, The Christmas Wedding Ring - Susan Mallery, Christmas in Paris - Anita Hughes, Christmas in Seattle - Debbie Macomber, Christmas Letter - Debbie Macomber, Alaskan Holiday - Debbie Macomber, Bella's Christmas Bake Off - Sue Watson, A Chesapeake Shore Christmas - Sheryl Woods, A Cedar Cove Christmas - Debbie Macomber, Christmas in Cedar Cove - Debbie Macomber, Christmas at the Chalet - Anita Hughes, Christmas on Mistletoe Lane - Annie Rains, All I Want for Christmas - Jenny Hale, We'll Always Have Christmas - Jenny Hale, It Started With Christmas - Jenny Hale, Summer at Oyster Bay - Jenny Hale, The Christmas Bouquet - Sheryl Woods, Cloud Nine - Luanne Rice, Summer Wedding Bells - Debbie Macomber, & Merry & Bright - Debbie Macomber


@hallmarkchannel I wonder if Christmas in Paris & Anita Hughes' Christmas at the Chalet; Hallmark movies!?!?!


I’ll be watching !


I’m so excited to watch that movie very soon.


I will be watchingπŸ™Œβ€οΈ




Another great hallmark movie.


Cant wait!! Finally an Easter movie!! Love Brendan Penny!!!❀


Looking forward to seeing this movie..


Ah my favourite 😍


He'll always be Kevin to me. Speaking of which, are we getting more Chesapeake Shores?




Love his acting