theCHIVE @thechive

theCHIVE @thechive

*Flips through old binder of Pokémon cards for two hours*



@juliquinones 🤣🤣


@christian.camejo 😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥


@angelphood 😂


@chocstarr313 every time I try and get rid of stuff 😂


@elian_ita jajaajaaj vos




My saturday Party Outfit 🦄


@elisha_benrubi this is sooooo you!

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@maffewnung7569 you


@studlow1987 me lol


@megemurphy you haha 😂


@kaylie_ford haha absolutely








@sophiaeschrich literally this is me


@kballam our convo the other day


@alexnmaloney 😭😭🙋‍♂️




@kelliewiersma me with your stuff when u were moving out 😂😂😪








@jaycayy @deemaymay me






@kristinrobson 😂


@rachel_devon 😂😂








@thats_ashlee_with_2_es 😳🤦🏻‍♀️


@nyc_d54 couldn’t agree more!


@finns_diggs ☺️


@shelbbbbzz us in 5 minutes


@scottishborn greatest gimmick of all time 😄


@liltoniboo bahahha true dat


@alicianicolexo this is me for sure when I’m cleaning 😂