Redken @redken

Redken @redken

🚨New theme 🚨It's time to talk about the Color Mantra, and focusing on its 4 main principles:
1️⃣Apply in Zones
2️⃣Maximize color results
3️⃣Minimize stress on hair
4️⃣Always use a bonder (pH-Bonder or Flash Lift Bonder Inside)
We always love when you ask questions about our themes, so ask away ⬇️ For this look, @nat_edwardsandco 🇦🇺used #ShadesEQ 07GB Butterscotch on Zone 1 and 09GB Butter Cream + 09AA Papaya + Clear on Zones 2 & 3 on her client (the one on the right 😉🐶)





Thank you for posting ❤️💘❤️


Сколько времени проводите в интернете забыв зачем взяли телефон в руки?)




Pretty 🌸🌸🌸



@elenajbrown is this you and Charlie?




@leahbye why do you try a color like this 😏


Omg 😍


How did a lavender tone come out of a gb?


Lovely colour 💕




Yay!! This is so pretty 💫💫


Olha esse cabelo @lu_adii 😍👍


@jessicaibbertson this colour though! You had your hair this colour once 😍😍😍




#redkenpup 😭🖤


Looks like the color of binky @ab_audiaa


Love the softness of the color (and the puppy!) ❤️


Yay @nat_edwardsandco 💞


@guipoisson le chiennnn😍

This color is perfect!😍💯


Loooove 😍❤️ both the client and the pup 🙌🏼