Constance Wu @constancewu

Constance Wu @constancewu

Forgot to post on Friday but... Congrats everyone at @freshofftheboatabc on our 100th episode! It seems unreal to think we have shot 100 episodes of network television holy crap! 😱🤗 FOTB was my first ever network TV pilot! Wow! I am so grateful for the cast and crew, for their incredible talent and hard work and kindness, especially during my first two seasons—-I was often overwhelmed and scared during those first two seasons because I came from a theatre the TV world was new to me: the culture, the process, the schedule, the personalities were all so different, even the terminology—I didn’t know any of it 😳 Grateful ❤️ I’ve learned so much from this show, including how to rap!! (Badly 😬) So in that spirit, here is a video of us being Beastie Boys (and girl) I think this video is from last week’s episode?
Also big thanks to @mreddiehuang for his true bold voice without which, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Eddie you have a courage and humanity that is so special ❤️ love you, grateful for you.


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woow awesomee


@nadeemon ha! That’s awesome


@jbounsavath 🔥




my idol






Superb awesome 👍🏻


Mrb hocam internete gezinirken sizi gördüm sizinde benim sayfam da yer alabileceğinizi düşündüm sayfama davetlisin kardeşim beklerim.(otomatik geri takip edilir)




keren 💜 🖤😉💔 souvenir lucu untuk tahlilan dll. kepoin yaa


Loved all of this. 🙌🏻




❤️❤️❤️ nailed it!! Loooove this 👍🏽




This moment was amazing. Congrats on 100!


My son and I loved the rap. Why not? The sky is the limit. Congratulations @freshofftheboatabc @constancewu @randallpark @hudsonyangfotb @wheeler_forrest @theianchen

Lol dope


I just watched it today! So funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny!








LOVE this show!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Keep up the good work! ❤️


Congratulations from Toronto, 🇨🇦 FOTB is my fam’s absolute favourite!!!


Best episode ever!




I love that you guys are singing my favourite Beasties song!!!


This is the best thing ever. Thanks for making my Tuesday! 😄@constancewu


👏👏😂 Funniest episode yet! Loved the videos!


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Congratulations! Happy to be part of the 100th episode even if it was for a short scene.


Love the Beastie Boys, love this song more now.


This was epic!




The best show ❤️❤️❤️❤️


OML!!! Rolling over here. Nice!!