CNBC @cnbc

CNBC @cnbc

Nonbank lending, an industry that played a central role in the financial crisis, has been expanding rapidly.⁣

Key points:⁣

▪️Nonbank lenders, often called “shadow banks,” now have $52 trillion in assets. That's a 75% increase since the financial crisis ended.⁣

▪️Shadow banking fueled the financial crisis by providing lending to under-qualified borrowers and by financing some of the exotic investment instruments that collapsed when subprime mortgages fell apart.⁣

▪️Industry officials say shadow banks still face considerable regulation and can help provide buffers in times of stress.⁣

Details, at the link in our bio. ⁣
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@wklaumax @yaphc84 1. How did they calculate the shadow amount. 2. AhLong business.


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🙄 You can’t stop it! As long as there’s crime there will be nonbank lending!




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@adrun30 I believe block chain technology will be very beneficial to many areas in society but I’m still on the fence about crypto currencies.




@billydreamr Shadow Banking contributed I’m sure, but general greed is why the financial crisis happened. Banks weren’t doing there due diligence on multiple fronts. Do you believe crypto-currency can have a similar impact on the banking system?


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Everything will be ok, keep spending and going into debt, even the FED gave Hanky Paulson a check for $700 Billion, then he disappeared on an exotic island somewhere, that could be you 😂


@don_oldwell are you serious? Do you understand how asset backed commercial paper works? And how it fueled the problems of the financial crisis?


@adrun30 the problem with shadow banking during the financial crisis was that traditional banks made loans that went into the shadow banking system and were used for asset backed commercial paper which needed to be renewed very short term but the buyers of the paper were under no obligation to do so and when things started to look bad the companies holding that paper just let it all roll over and the shadow banks were also not responsible for holding the paper and it would fall back onto the traditional banks balance sheets all of the sudden when they weren’t capitalized to be able to take on that burden. The shadow banking system is a problem for the transparency of the overall banking system.


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The financial system doesn’t benefit most of us... we might as well.


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Private lenders originated over 85% of the loans that failed, and most were not covered by regulatory legislation. But yeah, we should just let that go and learn nothing from 2008...


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