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Cora on the Red Sox 6-11 start (@jordansfurn)



Yea keep not worrying there done seasons a loss


Form is temporary, class is permanent; you can't make a comeback from in front. Lets grind!!!


Me neither, it’s only for the radio to bitch and complain like they know what they are talking about. 😂


Yup.. If they lose 15 each month multiply by 6..oh yeah equals a forgettable season. 😥


I'm not concerned too. MLB Season is like a 24 hour race. You don't won it on the first laps


Wow no concern!!


Umm it better start concerning you bro.


When the hell is it NOT early???


How the hell can he not be concerned??? Obviously, SOMETHING has to change!!!!


Okay can I point something out? How about when the Pats were off to a bad start and everyone started to panic. The result: Super Bowl Champs. Now if they are playing like this by the All Star break, then we can panic. Until then, everyone calm down. We have come back from much worse than this. It’s not how you start but how you finish


I will remind of that later. You need to be concerned


This is embarrassing


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And Baltimore is 7-10. Were still right there.


Yankees are 6-9 and Jays are 5-11 so we’re still in the race. Just Tampa is off to a good start