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Curious where scooters do and don’t wind up in L.A.? Timothy Black, a former data analyst for the L.A. Department of Transportation, has created a live, interactive map showing the current location of available scooters and dockless bikes in the city. ⁣⠀
🛴 To build the map, Black used data the city requires scooter companies to make publicly accessible. While he says the map isn’t a complete snapshot of every dockless vehicle in L.A., Black was able to include location data from all scooter companies that have received conditional permits to operate in the city, which include Lime, Bird, Lyft, Wheels, Spin, and Uber-owned Jump. Tap the link in our bio for the map and full story. #lamag ⁣⠀



Here in Portland, OR they tried ‘em out last year - total disaster! I pulled into a convenience store one day and got out. The young guy in the Jeep next to me said, “Sir, would you please buy me a large bottle of water? Here’s a $20.” I looked inside the Jeep. His leg was in a cast. He said, “I was in an accident while riding one of those scooters. It’s too painful for me to get out and walk in.” I told him I’d buy him the water, did so, and brought it back to him with the change. He said, “Great. Now I can go home and take my pain killer meds and go home.” Don’t think he’ll be riding one of those idiot machines anytime soon. 👎


Does this account for all the scooters in the Venice canals?


Smooth nicely done 👌🏽


They are in the scrap yard


Every single one is annoyingly thrown down on a sidewalk in Santa Monica 🎡


I don’t even have to look at this to know that 89% of scooters are on the UCLA campus lol