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You thought the main event was good in real time?! Wait ‘til you see it in Fight Motion! #UFC236


  • Dustin Poirier





you will go to oktogon to win and yet with the desire not to be injured and without pain, but Khabib will come out with a desire to win even if he dies ... there is a difference


@ekabonglet bani2 gen ci ngudek tunang nak len. awas tepuk cg ci di ling2. ngenah gen ci bien d hp tunang cg. cg sg taen ngae mslh jk nyen2 jeg ci nagih ngudek cg. antos gen ci. ngadu njp jak dita nah emen ci kan ngelekad panak bencong soalne.


@ekabonglet we ci engkn ne, main block gen ci. mai duel pok skenin. cen alamat umah ci cicing. ape alih cg ci ke ling2. de tenge2 ngalih mslah cing. jeg mendadak bencong ci. ci yen nyeh jak mslh de ci ngae mslh. setut bungut ci di ling2 bakat


A anormalidade do Ser Humano!!!


After that loss Max is able to reach God Level I think. He has all he needs.




Порье стал новым чемпионом !


@dustinpoirier that striking game is looking a lot better.


One for the record books


@rayyan_azeez_ i want u like this💯


😮😮😮😮😮🙌🙌 it's about time diamond you finally got that title


Let’s not forget, @menace155 put 💎 to sleep ... talking bout Out like a light, like a light. 💡


Flyweight vs Welterweight 💯 #blessedera #PrideOfHawaii


145ers are like tf if Dustin cant put him out how am I? I'm never gonna get that Belt 😂 .. #blessedera 🐏