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The Commandant's annual Innovation Challenge is here.
This year, the Commandant's focus is on maintaining physical fitness.
How can we use existing technology to increase awareness of physical fitness and injury prevention?
Submit your ideas by April 30th. For more info, see the link in our bio.
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Awesome shot


Instead of PFT/CFT season there should be a bulk/cut season


Acknowledge that everyones athletic ability isn't the same as everyone else's before and in the beginning of bootcamp. Correct your thinking everyone is the same, in some important ways.


Maybe more ftxs and such


Nutritious food in the chow hall and reevaluate the HITT courses so marines have a further understanding of how to coach other marines that’s longer than a week. Can’t learn how to be a good coach in a week unless you have a lot of prior experience


Pull up bars in the barrack rooms


Focus on strength building instead of calisthenics and conditioning


Run less lift more


Have a big airsoft game once a month


Create a fitness center in every corps stations and effective weekly


Make the chow hall great again


@marines It would be nice if half of the chow hall wasn’t dedicated to serving pizza, cheeseburgers, and fries EVERY SINGLE DAY. Go vegan


Remove the fat bodies


What is the song?


Tattoos policy


But I have to pray 5 times a day in my religion, can’t do that in the US Military.