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What drama? Khloe Kardashian was "very happy" that Tristan Thompson showed up to True's first birthday party. Link in bio for how everyone was able to "brush their issues under the rug" for True. (🎥: @khloekardashian)


  • Khloé Kardashian





The way she whipped around when he wanted to hold True.. then looks at the camera and changes her expression. Yea.. what would have happened if the camera would not have been there.


Cutie 😍


She just tries to make sure her baby does not lose her father's image. A good mother does everything in her power to make her children feel happy and loved.


Khloe .... The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results😭Stop inviting Tristan to anything ever again!!!! I know u were expecting him to be nice to u or pay attention to u, but he won’t!!! Just let it go and have some self respect💯


Fuuuuck 🙄🤢


That’s got to be hard, but her face doesn’t lie.


All fake drama


....he could give her his own party...


Great Co Parenting.


That’s called “ adult parenting “, being responsible and not petty and childish!


She's sososososososo cute


Beautiful I would love a party like this for all my kids at once. It's lovely.


🙄Who is that little girl we always see with the kids? Does she have a Mom? Is she the “in house play date” was she hired by Kris Jenner?


I feel bad for that little baby. Her dad doesn’t even care for her.


Her mother instincts came out as soon as he grabbed True... sis was ready to FIGHT FIGHT😂😂


This is a wonderland birthday party.


The amount of balloons used is ridiculous, they are so bad for the environment!! Celebrities are always bragging how environmentally conscious they are but then they use hundreds if not thousands of balloons!! 🙄 @enews


She looked like Michael right there when he touched the baby I'm sorry 💀


The face. That face. @jenna.harney


You are worried about drama, seriously??? I guess that is where your priorities are! What about raising your daughter with humility & grace?? Just what the world needs is another entitled princess!!
What ever happened to raising children to find their own place in the world....you are stunting that beautiful little girls growth and her future ability to be an individual, rather than just the product of wealth, celebrity and privilege! Of course you learned this behavior from your mother....