House of Highlights @houseofhighlights

D-Lo not letting Embiid have the ball. 不不



Jesus Embiid cries more than a toddler


Iyaken amf


When yo lil brother bout to tell so you gotta give him the ball


How was that a foul on D-lo


Look at the man in the back ground @houseofhighlights


Delay of game. Haha still funny though


Delay of game haha still funny thiugh


@drowsy_ali @jet.wright_ someone take this nigga back to africa 唐


@derekdittmer hahah embiid such a baby


Embiid always crying to the refs


D'Lo is dope maan


I bet Embiid wanted the ref to call a technical on Russell for that


Meanwhile Ben Simmons died


@itsok23 well the center inbounds the ball and by dlo holding the ball he's causing delay of game that's what embiid was complaining about


Joel Embiid looking like that kid in kindergarten who gets a time out for not being able to share