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#Raw is about to get an entirely new experience... the @WWENXT Tag Team Champions, The #VikingExperience are here on #Raw!


  • Erik



  • Ivar





If you’re not going back to war raiders. You should just call the “The Raid”


Stop torturing us @wwe.. We are not blithering idiots like you guys..


Viking raiders?! Whats next weeks name ???@viking.ragnar.lodbrok #vince experiment?!
#warmachine 🙏🏼




You can’t keep changing the name just give them back war raiders people know the name why The Vikings raiders that’s doing to much unnecessary stuff keep it the same as it was in nxt @wwe


They are still war riders for me!


I know Todd Smith dad he goes to my church so proud of him


War raiders please change it back




War raiders’


They are basically heel and you changed their names for the team name and their own names.


You just screwed up Hanson And Rowe.




Well it looks like we know who is next to ask for there release


Vince is a 🦍💩 for this name change


“ WAR WAR WAR WAR “ 😓 why did you change the name?


Hmmm well if this is vinces idea of a great name change how long before we see the herpes experience and the syphilis experience debut


Can we get Snickers to change the name back like when we made them get rid of the fabulous Mullah rumble?


War war war war war


War Raiders!! Forever!!


This name is hilarious for memes


If I heard this freaking name I would be excited because I think it is like a fun fair but who do we get their name changed to @ivar_wwe @erik_wwe just change it back WWE