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On the latest episode of Detail, Kobe looks at Kawhi's Game 1 performance. Link in bio for full episode.



@kobebryant see me in one one mamba 😂


@blake.bahr watch the end bro! Lift real weights !




Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥


This looks like a move/shot that Jordan or Kobe would take so no wonder why he chose this play as a "phenomenal" one. I also noticed that he traveled with the discontinue, hop, and stopped his dribble, then jumpshot.


Y'all should have had the laugh at the end for us. Ahaaahaaa


Did not travel .. took one step and the hop is considered one step since he shoots off that elavation




Idk why he's not coaching


Kobe Bryant sounded like a pervert who looks through peepholes in fat girls college locker rooms!


@c_hines33 @t_murry6 The Science 📚


Mamba Mentality🐍🔥🔥🔥


If Kawhi is really THAT GOOD he should make it to the Finals in the East....Bron did with lesser talent.


he’s good........if he decides he feels like playing. THERE IS NO “I


Listen to Kobe talk about Kawhi 👏 @lyzzstauffer


Anyone else think @kobebryant sounds just like @willsmith


Best in the league


@keltonthompson @alphaathleticsllc that’s performance!