John Hill @johnhill

For the first time, in a long time, It feels like I’m on a perfect rhythm. I tap into my favorite hobbies everyday. A little bit of filming, skating, drawing, editing, and photography. The goal is create work with each I can share, and possibility monetize, without taking on client work that causes me stress. I’ll keep you updated! Oh yeah, I also avoid YouTube because it stressed me out 😂 lots to share, so keep up with my Instagram story for updates!



Nice photo


Damn bro you an inspiration for me to keep skating and learning


I just wanted to post a comment and get noticed. Can do a kick flip flipper style 🐬 aka swipe the legs


You quit YouTubing? Started to watch you 2years agoooo🤦🏽‍♂️


The Roosevelt Island Tram at 59th and 2nd


Thought that was a table falling thru the air


Keep it up my dude


Watched like 15 of your videos today my g👌 been bed written from a slipped disk☹️ hopefully i can skate again soon I’ll probably find out tomorrow after i see a physician either that or they send me to a specialist. Could be a few weeks up to a few months or potentially if my luck is really that shitty a year


Wicked shot, dude. Looks a little like the 59th street tram almost.


😂😂 First World problems. Glad to see you tapping into some nee things. Excited to see your progress (daily) 🙈🔥


You’re Living life to your fullest potential my g, Fuck a corporate job and allat bullshit! You really living life outside of the matrix and that shit is very inspirational! All power to you man! Keep being excellent!


Where’s this at?


Keep the photography coming! Love it❤️


The YouTube stress is real man 😭 I feel ya Instagram is so much fun I don’t know why? 🧐 Keep killing it buddy! 👊🏻


Killin it


This by my house tho 👀


John Hill, “The Hardest Working Creative Person on The Internet”


This is sick!! Love that your getting into photography, and your shots are already improving 😄


Yes more yes less stress❤️


come back to san diego!!! let’s film!


Not gonna lie I thought this was a floating shopping cart at first


Boss ✨