Durrell Babbs @therealtank

Durrell Babbs @therealtank

12 years ago we rewrote the R&B Bible! Many of the artist you enjoy today studied this, were inspired by this, or got a shot because of this! I’m proud of this one! Underdogs! Big Flint! Southwest T! Blackground Records! We did this!.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral #Elevation #SexLoveandPain #2007 #May



🎶 Bishop cognac, is in the building ....


Absolute classic! Still in my top 5


R&B Bible 4real!!! Still play this shit in heavy rotation TIL DIS DAY!!!!!!!




I wish this was on Spotify😩


I was just listening to this album this morning


I still listen this album Tank ❤️❤️


Are We getting #SexLoveandPain3 @therealtank


Coldest!!!!!!! 🔥 @therealtank


The album intro is better than most Artists whole music catalogue 🤷🏾‍♀️ Real FACTS




@therealtank I just saw you on the @bouncetv channel the show Saints & Sinners


That CD was amazing. 🙌




Woo woo woo wooo 👌🏽


Til this day, it gets played at Ignorant Levels in my house 🔥 ♥️


This is my favorite album


I wish I could buy this again!!! I need all of the first 3 albums again


Heartbreaker is a classic!!! 🔥🔥🔥




Definitely top 3 Rnb albums of all time


Rewrote the R&B bible, that’s a fact !!


Where can we get this ?


I started making covers, then upgraded to writing my OWN songs. Just qn RnB singer with a dream, CHECK ME OUT🤞🏽💗https://open.spotify.com/track/0drK3OAMWWDJudaJbj6Pdr?si=U0pywcHyRxqQbfFu5STNyQ