Currensy @spitta_andretti

Currensy @spitta_andretti

Hope y’all are ready...... I’ll probably post the track list today



Is there a way we can download this mix?


sounding 🔥🔥🔥💯


Yo you gotta make this version like a bonus track or sumin @spitta_andretti




What song is this ?


Heavy Duty!!




@trek.lightly I gotta learn


@slimk4 get ready to chop this 🔥🔥




Solid gold bathroom fixtures, huhhh that’s wassup. Most hardware now is plastic 😂 they don’t make em like they used to














Man I been listening to your shit since wayyyy back since them mixtapes. Its some crazy shit see you blow like this G. Everything we deserve we shall receive 🙌🏽


@grimeyleeroy I feel it shit I still jump in the time machine time to time and listen to how fly. 😂






Summer vibes locked big bro




@charleskeni 🔥🔥🔥🔥


please drop












Really hope these scratches are on the tape !!!!!!!!!!


we been ready since 07


Pretty sure you made underground music the hip thing to listen to








@_214kenny facts


On some other shit spitta


@djslowhand 🥶