America's Funniest Home Videos @afvofficial

what did I just watch



That captain America is just trying to copy bat dad 🖓


Wow do you videos are so good I even watch your show


@wooow.2017 the first vid is u n me lmfao




Don’t waste food 😔😔😔


Those were awful. Not funny at all.


At 0:27, it sounds like that Windows 98 tada sound, or a similar sound effect I heard before.


🐔 no my children


What a waste of eggs


ريح راسك من الدايت الغير مجدى و جرب منتجاتنا و ما راح تندم 🙈، 😍♥️




The third video is SO STUPID! Don't play with food like that....


We should try the shark and piggy one @szeda_01 😆


@marshallb123 when did you get a stashe?




I’m so confused yet so intrigued