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Everyday is Christmas with online shopping! #mood







Beautiful picture☺️


The best part is we already know we're going to love it! 😍🎁


Your stuffs are not real. What you post and what you deliver is like light and darkness.




How can it be Christmas , when I ordered an S9 and got a phone mount and it's taking years to get my money back from you guys. #Fraud




lol exactly!😌😂


Omg this is me to a T!!! I get super excited 😆


Is Ebay master card an actual credit card or a debit with rewards?




OMG exactly! I do it more then I should though.


Any rich kid wanna give me anything 😢 jk have a good day


And it’s cheaper and faster – and I open up my packages with my animals on the floor… Time well spent – no driving traffic or gas required


👌 Exactly 😁