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Wondering what health tests you should be doing both at home and the doctor's office? @Keri.PetersonMD joined us to explain the health screenings every woman needs to get. See at our link in bio 💗 (📷: @zpagano)


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Ok so i wany to ask and iam not hating please dont take my vomment as iam hating because iam not at all but i want to know, is jenna pregnant???


How do you see link in bio?


To ALL women and Men please do your breast self-exams!! I found my breast cancer through a self-exam 14 years ago at 31! Definitely was too young to be getting mammograms. Would not be here right now if I hadn’t been feeling my boobs on a regular basis! 💗


Because of this segment I am now headed to the dr to get a spot on my leg checked out. Thanks for not only encouraging but informing us on better health! 🙏🏼


I disagree with not doing self breast exams! YES YOU SHOULD!!!! I found my inflammatory breast cancer this past December. I just finished 8 rounds of chemo and now I'm getting ready to have a double mastectomy on June 10th. Then radiation. Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare aggressive cancer and if I would have waited a little while later to get checked out it could have been too late for me. It's also a cancer that can not be detected by a regular mammogram. It doesnt have any lumps. You need to see the differences.


As someone who found her breast cancer at 35 through a self exam, no self exam is horrible advice! The majority of young women who are diagnosed found their lump, because they weren’t “old” enough to have a mammogram. All women should ask for a baseline mammogram at age 35. P.S. no family history and BRCA negative


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My gyn recommended a bone density scan because I had small wrists and insurance didn’t cover it because I wasn’t the age that they cover. I am so glad I did because I had osteoporosis and never knew it. It gave me a head start to contain it . If I had waited, I’m sure I would have had a broken hip to tell me what I had. Tests are important, always!


I do not agree with a PAP smear every 3 years !!!!!! GO EVERY YEAR! I had normal paps my whole life , and I only skipped 1 time going since the age of 17 till 56. I never had an abnormal pap smear all these years . I had a normal pap in 2016, then in 2017, it came back abnormal! Turned out I had Cervical Cancer 1b1, after only a year from my normal pap ! This is why I'm so against going every 3 years! It should be annually!