Keyshia Cole @keyshiacole

Keyshia Cole @keyshiacole

The fear of love, comes from being hurt. But, it is all worth it, when you find your one TRUE LOVE!? If you were to find someone who loves THE WAY YOU LOVE. What KIND OF LOVE WOULD YOU HAVE???



Unconditional my homie my best friend my boyfriend my husband that’s the type of love I want and relationship I want.


Its a ♎ thing !💕

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👫💦👭We "swing" RESPONSIBLY, so itz all good❗💕#openrelationship @keyshiacole #swingers #thelife 🙌 #trustandbelieve 👑🍴🌠#iLoveitThisWay


Of course. 100%


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Good morning baby❤️❤️❤️
My name is Vazquez,I'm  from Florida,I'm divorced..I liked your profile and I would like to know more and see where it leads us..if you don't mind i'm ready to be your sugar daddy and give you all you need.








Forever continuously @keyshiacole




i do baby ❤️❤️😘




All The Way❤️


I do!