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A message from Cathy Engelbert, the first-ever WNBA Commissioner



Congrats on being the first woman commissioner! 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽Now let’s work on #equalpayforwomen in the #WNBA I couldn’t believe how underpaid they are as professional woman basketball players. I get paid more with my MBA 🤔 They deserve to get paid the same as the NBA basketball players who play the same game.


Yes let’s “enhance the experience”


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Help me get @k_nani24 and @miss_dyl @iigonz_ in the league




Join the family and make my post of Zion Williamson the most liked sports photo on Instagram.


Great, now let’s get passionate about developing a brand for the league and implementing marketing tactics that highlight the players and their skills!


@broderick.camp please get a new joke.


@veewilson_xoxo Can Adam Silver? Cause he's done pretty well as NBA Commissioner, and I don't hear that question about him...


@veewilson_xoxo ignoring the fact women aren't athletic and men are far superior athletes


@veewilson_xoxo and put any of these pathetic athletes against the men's college players and they'll get destroyed


@veewilson_xoxo I think you meant to say kitchen


@veewilson_xoxo no, she along with everyone else in the WNBA can't play


Respect ✊






Please make it easier to watch the games.....


Hope she can turn the league around 💯




Congratulations Cathy


I've heard all this blank b4. You keep putting "Corporate " american success stories in charge with the same results? When will the WNBA, actually be treated like a family member and not the uninvited guests? Another talking head


@veewilson_xoxo she played college ball


Give them more money!!!


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I hope she always for better CBA for the players. Getting ripped out of the money


🙌 Yes! We are so excited!!! 👏


wawww I love WNBA ❤❤


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@_blackthanos_ worry about your mom cooking for you


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I wish her well


“I have a huge passion for the game of basketball.” - Cathy Engelbert


Female chef Ramsey?