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WATCH: Two window washers dangled from the top of the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City Wednesday. High winds caused their lift to swing out of control, but firefighters were able to rescue both workers.



Thank Jesus


So glad they are not hurt.


Did that liberal ever get their window cleaned


Holy crap


Ok but this they show how they were able to slow it down?


Omg prayers


Hispanic workers


Must have been as scary as hell


I better be getting payed 95 an hour to be cleanin bird 💩 of da window cause other wise that job ain’t worth dyin for


Scarry ‼️are they ok?




Thank God and thank the firefighters !


Great job firefighters! 👏👍


@sergiogarcia64 @offy2702 loook in Oklahoma City. Andan limpiando vidreos esos


“I can see down your shirt!”


I know someone has to do the job but no,no windows would just stay dirty what you looking out for that high up anyway only thing you can see is sky and I can do that two feet on the ground 🤔 glad that they okay too find different employment






I used to watch window washers outside the 47th floor of a building I worked in and couldn't imagine how brave they were but the poor guys in this video will probably never go up again.


So glad they were resured


Imagine the firefighters. They dead, we can't help them bye.