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A 7-hour flight can take you back hundreds of years. Fly from #JFK to #LHR to tour the past and start at the Tate. The network of 4 museums is home to a substantial collection of British art dating back to the 1500's. From there, roam through London where you'll find age-old traditions around every corner-- including the neighborhood pub.
Photo: @vuitor



Do not choose Delta


Wish your flights were more regular and cheaper :(




Nice 👍🏼


My favorite airline




We Love Delta Air Lines!


Funny I’m flying a 7 hour flight from SAN to JFK tomorrow. It’s my first flight on this airline so I’m excited




Amazing shot


@delta my first time flying with you all in July! I’m so excited 😫🙌🏾


I kinda like British culture, and I’m also learning how to speak in a British accent!! 😃 🇬🇧


One of my fav places in the world.




Thanks for the repost @delta 🙏


That is gorgeous


Not flying anywhere on this union busting airline