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“Mecca is unlike any other city. It makes me think of how we do not differ from one another. There, I’m granted safety and tranquility.” #reflection #ShotoniPhone by Mohamed M. @mohamedmokhtarart





الحمدلله اني من مكه عاصمة الحضاره وفيها من التأريخ






خیلیم عالی








That's a new one on me


Beautiful photo 👍🙏


Beautiful it is ❤️




I am a victim. i bought the apple phone and i'm not satisfied at all. and no one is interested. Although I'm right, your employees don't help me. they say to me that you'll solve the case more easily. Is this correct? I'm waiting for your help.


Beautiful ❤️🔥


ltnc, thx for posting


Mecca is a great place 💞