Alyssa Bates Webster @websterforever

So thankful for the many prayers and sweet comments I have received over the last few days. ❤️
I am slowly regaining my strength one day at a time!
Today I went to see my doctor. He adjusted my medication and put me on a 24 hour holtor monitor to track my heart rate.
Today I also got ready for the first time in dayssss. That was a huge accomplishment! 🥳



@websterforever what were the results from the doctor? Curious because i have svt as well


If you have super ventricular tachycardia, I had it for several years and it went away by itself. I think mine was hormonal although stimulants like caffeine are a big no no. Also msg is not good. Doctor wanted to put me on medicine for life. I balked to that and like I said, it went away.
Good luck to you. It can be scary and possibly every case is different.


I hope you are seeing a Cardioligist.


Cute pic of Alyssa and her little girls 💕


Keep praying for you


Praying you feel better soon Alyssa! ❤️ A magnesium deficiency caused me to have heart palpitations and was easy fle me to supplement.


Have you been tested for Lyme disease?




I tuned prayers for you 🙏


I too had heart palpitations for years, and could never find cause. We'll come to find out it's from my anemia. I'm now extremely anemic and having to take iron transfusions as I'm so weak. So please get those levels checked too.


I have heart palpitations (PACs) only when I’m pregnant. It’s awful! I hope you feel better soon!




I pray you get to feeling better


🙏🏽❤️🌺 Praying that your heart is healing and thank you for being you showing the world that LOVIN JESUS IS COOL💥💥PTL


Glad your getting better.


Prayers sweet mama💕✝️


Love how you and your girls smile though you are not feeling 100% 💜💜


Hang tough you have a lot of prayers coming your way


🙏 praying for your health


@websterforever Alyssa please get rest!! What kind of heart medicine are you on?
I have an arythmia. Hope you get rest and answers


So glad you are feeling better! 👏🏼😍 I’ll keep praying for you.


So glad to hear that you are feeling better! 🙏🏼