IGN @igndotcom

IGN @igndotcom

Jon Bernthal leads a rogue group of Ghosts known as the Wolves in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. 🐺



@prithvi.raj i have to pre order it but my wallet is not ready to..




@fau2626 hehe film ge meehun tha game ga now


@zachsdaddy23 Honestly.Fallout 76 did that and look at that hot garbage of a game




Team wolves 🐺


@diego.el.fuego don’t forget Norman lol


@mlayves sure as hell no brah




@jonxdon you 🧢


@reggixd @santinocozzo


@imnotmaddd I look forward to that!


Punisher @paulmahfouz


@mlayves nah will have to do that


@seangetshighh I just ordered a new xbox ftbs


Its a demo not a beta!!! A month before its released its practically gone gold


@nintendocraze I might start playing video games now.




So hype for this upcoming big game👍👍👍






@jonxdon you missing out bro


@thesouthcoastghost get amongst it. You going to pre order the game too?


@mlayves not yet, thanks for the reminder x


@shaun.okeefe14 @thesouthcoastghost have you fellas registered for the BETA yet?


@skinnyboychubby super big let down


The Punisher is back and this time he’s leading an army. Marvel and Ubisoft proudly present “Punisher: Ghost Wars”


@diego.el.fuego Castle FTW


Okay I see you, Shane


Don’t get why they don’t make a BR. Feels like these games are perfect for it.


@elsamadony72 w norman reedus 🤘🏻


The punisher


@waxterinc 🖕🏻🖕🏻💩


@an_atomic_panda yeah and they fixed it in new dawn lol


@adhamsaleh25 actors are taking over gaming 😂


@krazyslim81 damn changed that bio! #nowyournevergonnafindagf