Lyssa Chapman II @mslyssac

Lyssa Chapman II @mslyssac

Happy 17th birthday to my baby girl @abbi3.c Here is the day I got to meet you. Mommy loves you !


  • Abbie Mae Chapman





I miss to show




I know you don't like to talk about it but I did never liked bo from the beginning he wasn't good enough for you however I stand beside you and what makes you happy but you did and you were a most beautiful bride and you got a beautiful bundle of joy what from it I'm proud of you


Baby Lyssa we miss you please come back baby Lyssa please contact me I would really enjoy speaking with you y'all always say Where Mercy is shown Mercy is given and y'all are always saying y'all are here for your fans please I am begging for one of y'all to reach out to me besides Leland wife


Happy birthday


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday


Aww how cute I live in anchorage Alaska


How old were you when you had Abbie?...


🎈❤Happy Birthday❤🎈


Happy 17th birthdayAbby


@mslyssac is that Barbra katie




Is that Barbara Kate as qell?


Happy Birthday @abbi3.c!! 🎈🎂🎈


Happy birthday to Abby!


Happy birthday Abbie


Who is woman on left..your mom?


Who are the other woman with you ?


Happy Birthday Abbie...


Happy birthday Abbie


Aww happy birthday


Happy Birthday @abbi3.c nd many more🎈🎂


Happy birthday