HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED @hollywoodunlocked

HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED @hollywoodunlocked

HU Staff: Ariela Anís @at i.anis
Siam Corner Thai Kitchen, a Connecticut restaurant has temporarily closed after a decomposing body leaked liquid and odor through the kitchen’s ceiling.
While the incident occurred in late May, Officer Ryan Wilder arrived on scene after a women reported that she hadn’t seen or heard from her neighbor in a few days.
Additionally, Wilder wrote in his incident report, “I went into the restaurant and discovered a reddish brown substance dripping from the ceiling located behind the front counter of the restaurant. It appeared that the dripping substance was possibly blood. It was readily apparent that [name redacted] had been deceased for several days, as his body had begun stages of [decomposition].” Paramedics say the man possibly passed from natural causes.
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love my town 🥰


Why was his body in the ceiling? Natural causes... the lies y’all tell.






@jackelinzepeda94 want thai food


So they just kept taking orders at the front counter 🤦🏽‍♂️


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@julieannsmith better be a new series on this




@barbwirehoney wtf... how could they not smell that like really


Never eating out again. Thanks.


Yuck! The damn restaurant owner and staff didnt notice the leaks and the smell!? Yuck! Thats why I do chinese, thai, etc. food. SMH


Mob ties


Is the tv show and series BONES coming back on/ rebooted? lol




I live up the street from this place and they told police back in May when they reported the leak and the person not being seen for days. It wasn't until a couple days ago that police were called a second time about the smell and that's when they decided to do a wellness check. And it was heart failure, he had been taking meds for it and for high BP. I never ate at this place and I DEFINITELY wouldn't be eating there. People were eating there with a dead just above them! Throw the whole damn building away!!!




@ariadnamorogan UM...


@bxnatxveee__ this why we don’t eat out no more


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