National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic @natgeo

Photo by Ronan Donovan @ronan_donovan | A grizzly known as Bearzilla crosses the Yellowstone River, with a steamy geyser in the background. Hop on over to @ronan_donovan to see more photos and video of Bearzilla #yellowstonenationalpark #bearzilla





Mayaman ka sa noraisha mung alam u lang






Amazing photo , come on over to the other side mr grizzly bear 🐻 .




Yes. I see a woman in the smoke













He's brother of ray donovan




We really shouldn't be 'naming' wild animals and attaching human emotions to them.


Please don’t reveal his location. Next we’ll have a trophy hunter looking for him


Great shot




Hermosa foto


Love the contrast in the photo. Super gorgeous.


It looks more like what something I read in Revelations😶


So cute