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Tens of thousands of demonstrators are blocking roads in Hong Kong, protesting against a controversial bill that would allow China to extradite fugitives from the city. Protesters began arriving outside the Legislative Council buildings on Tuesday night, where they were greeted by a heavy police presence and bag searches. By Wednesday morning, tens of thousands of mainly young people had arrived in the area, bringing central Hong Kong to a standstill. Police fired a water canon on a protester and used pepper spray on others, while some protesters were seen wearing helmets and goggles, and pulling bricks from the sidewalks. Although Hong Kong is part of China, it was a British colony until 1997, and has separate laws and no capital punishment, unlike mainland China. Many people fear that the proposed extradition law means they could be taken from Hong Kong by Chinese authorities for political reasons. Hundreds of businesses, parents and teachers have called for a boycott of work and school on Wednesday to show their opposition to the bill. The debate that lawmakers were due to have over the bill on Wednesday has been postponed to a later date. 📸: Ben Westcott/CNN & Anthony Wallace/Getty Images



Fuck Chinese goverment.




@cnn I just want y’all to know some of y’all new are helpful but y’all been messing up lately hard😩




That guy in the yellow jacket tho. Fight hard




Keep the fight...👏👏👏




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@chanpingki This is what you talked about with the guy who is Vicky’s coworker


Hong Kongers have knowledge, and the Chinese government thought that we would just believe them because it's easy for the mainland Chinese. We are not having this.


Life is too good in HongKong. Protest is bcos those people think their rights are more important than their rice bowls. China can send in Army anytime n HongKongkers can't do anything. Don't play play with China. Be good to them. All Chinese are brothers!!! 😀


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good luck Hong Kong wish everything will be fine




Good for them! There is strength in numbers!